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Review of the work of MIG 3D Vision from the company StoneMill Log and Timber HomesRenderings are a very important element in our marketing process. They are essential for attracting new clients by showcasing new designs. They help sell an image that’s not only visual, but emotional as well. A future client needs to be able to imagine they are seeing their very own home. We chose MIG 3D Vision specifically because of their previous log home renderings. We were very impressed with the lifelike look they achieved with great color schemes, warm scenery, and attention to detail.
Working with MIG 3D Vision was a very smooth and enjoyable process, and with a much faster turnaround time than I expected! We had opportunities to review the product at each stage of development to ensure we were happy with its direction. We are very pleased with our finished product and are confident it will generate interest in our new floor plan. It brings warmth, personality, and makes a simple floor plan feel like a home. We look forward to working with MIG 3D Vision again on future projects.

Remington Brown Design Manager

"StoneMill Log & Timber Homes" Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Review of the work of MIG 3D Vision from the company Vanisle Ecolog HomesLast year we started to work on a new development, where we want to built 6 high end log homes side by side on a beautiful sandy beach in the heart of cottage country in Ontario, Canada.
We wanted to start selling the homes as early as possible, as it is a big advantage for the buyer - and the seller - to buy the building before it is fully finished. That way a buyer can choose a lot of the finishing details, like floor, kitchen, appliances, light fixtures etc.
But many buyers cannot visualize how a home will really look at the end - and walking around a construction site with lots of material lying around, unfinished walls and ceilings doesn't make it easier for a buyer to fall in love with the home.
That's why we hired MIG 3D Vision and his team to create 3D renderings for our homes. We wanted to show in as much detail as possible what the homes would look like at the end. And we wanted to show how different colours and finishing material can influence the overall appearance of the home - and MIG 3D Vision team did a great job in presenting the same home in different "outfits". We were also impressed that they modelled every single beam of the house - including the overhanging dovetail joints on the corners.
After we saw the amazing quality of the first exterior renderings of the homes we decided to hire MIG 3D Vision to do some interior panoramas as well. These high resolution panoramas are an amazing experience and are the closest you can get to walking around inside of the fully furnished and finished home.
We love these renderings as excellent marketing material for our homes. The first home which MIG 3D Vision rendered was sold only a few weeks after we put it on the market. And part of that success is that we could communicate our vision through these fantastic 3D models.

Hermann Thoene Owner

"Vanisle Ecolog Homes" Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Review of the work of MIG 3D Vision from the company Log Homes of AmericaWhen considering coming out with a new design, we did not know where to start. After reviewing several companies, the stand out candidate to do our new design renderings was MIG 3D Vision.
From start to finish, MIG 3D Vision was extremely helpful in portraying our design as we wanted. If we ever had a question or a change, the response was prompt and exactly what we had envisioned. The attention to detail is incredible! The plan is already generating calls!
If you are looking for high quality work at a very reasonable price, look no further! We look forward to working with MIG 3D Vision on our next design!

Lisa Harris Sales and Marketing Manager

"Log Homes of America" North Jefferson, North Carolina, USA

Review of the work of MIG 3D Vision from the company Appalachian Log StructuresGreat job MIG 3D Vision! The log home renderings that you prepared for us were very realistic and you made the process easy and timely. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Dorie Workman Vice President

"Appalachian Log Structures" Ripley, West Virginia, USA

Review of the work of MIG 3D Vision from the company Castle Haliburton EnterpriseIt was a pleasure working with MIG 3D Vision. The final renderings were better than I could have imagined and I was able to make necessary changes without difficulty. MIG 3D Vision was beyond accommodating and exceptionally prompt getting back to me every time. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Anna Schleifenbaum Owner

"Castle Haliburton Enterprise" Haliburton, Ontario, Canada

Review of the work of MIG 3D Vision from the company Oren.cam Video SurveillanceI would like to express my gratitude to MIG 3D Vision for its huge contribution to the design of our website, namely, the creation of an interactive 3D panorama. Work on the project went smoothly, despite our weak brief). The price of the project pleased and, as sometimes happens, by the end of the project has not changed, I can safely recommend MIG 3D Vision for the implementation of your tasks and ideas in 3D visualization.

Alexey Sergeevich M. Technical Director

"Oren.cam Video Surveillance", Orenburg, Russia

Review of the work of MIG 3D Vision from the company Architectural Studio of RzhevskyThe peculiarity of our work is sometimes very tight deadlines, an individual approach to each client and each project. At all stages of design, the client wants to be as involved as possible and see how his project will look in reality, so that at any moment there is an opportunity to make edits and improve various details. And there is no way to do without three-dimensional visualization, which has already become an integral part of our work.
We tried different companies and different freelancers and finally settled on the company MIG 3D Vision, which literally saved us more than once and pulled out very complex projects.
We are glad to cooperate with MIG 3D Vision, and we really hope that they will help you as well.

Sergey Rzhevsky Owner / Chief Architect

"Architectural Studio of Rzhevsky" Saint Petersburg, Russia