Interior walkthrough example.

You can sit back and enjoy the automatic animation that guides you through all the locations. It will attract your client's attention to the necessary objects. Or you can switch between locations manually. You can use the buttons or mouse to control it. The position and field of view are shown on the plan. I can add "hot spots" to the virtual tour that will open windows with descriptions of an objects, website pages, photos, etc.
I'm not sure that for all projects you will need virtual tours with full interior design. Most likely, one large virtual tour of all floors and rooms of one of your projects will suit you. We can also create virtual tours without furniture to show your clients the interior space of their future home. It will be much faster and cheaper.
Play with this virtual tour and try out the features used in it.

Interactive 360° flying around of the house exterior.

This is an absolutely necessary option that must be available for every model on your site. I can also add "hot spots" with informational materials. This option allows your clients to view the model of their future home from all sides. After all, most ordinary people can't read drawings and can't imagine the spaces and volumes in their minds. This option can be implemented in three different ways. Which are presented below.

This one allows your clients to rotate the model in three directions, zoom in and out, and expand it to full screen. Try all these features.
The disadvantage of this feature is the large number of files on the server. When using high-resolution renderers. (Hosting providers have restrictions on the number of files) This can be avoided by using lower-resolution renderers. Find a compromise between the quality and quantity of files.
The advantage of this feature is manageability, the ability for the client to control the position of the model and consider the necessary details of the construction of the house of interest.

This one version of the feature is the same as the previous one, but differs in that it is not possible to rotate the model in the vertical axis, only horizontally. Contains fewer files than the previous one. But more simple.

And the latest version of this feature, this simple GIF animation consists of just one file. Does not have any ability to control it. Always spins.

Log Home 360

Below are a couple of examples of 3D floor plans, you asked me about this... Nothing special.

Log Home 360
Log Home 360